Universal Contour Wrap

inchlossUniversal Contour Wrap

As seen on ?BBC Watchdog? and voted best slimming treatment, also regularly seen in magazines. Good for people who want to lose inches instantly by the removal of toxins (not water loss). You are guaranteed to lose 6? or more in the first wrap or you don?t pay. The body wrap is also good for you with improvements for sufferers of arthritis, migraine, eczema, psoriasis and reported to improve your energy levels. Also improves cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin.

Per Wrap
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Universal Contour Wrap Classic Elite


Universal Contour Wrap Classic Elite is the new, advanced and completely unique wrap treatment from Universal Contour Wrap that combines Classic?s inch loss wrap with muscle toning and shaping in just one simple treatment. Classic Elite offers the same guarantees as Universal Contour Wrap (UCW) Classic, with extra benefits.

Through the new ?Universal Contour Wrap Chrysalis? machine, which combines electrical muscle stimulation and thermal heat, the Classic Elite wrap treatment allows for improved inch loss in faster time, while also offering a more pleasurable, relaxing treatment than the original Classic treatment alone.

1 Treatment 90 Minutes
3 Treatments Course
5 Treatments Course